About Us




SKRT is a womenswear brand that celebrates the idea of femininity without stereotypes, shaping a unique identity for women around the globe.

The brand stormed women's hearts through the mini skirts and covetable pieces that connect elegance with effortlessness, strength with sensitivity and minimalism with sexiness.

Based in Romania, the brand is a dream come true for the founders who believe that skirts should not miss from one's women's wardrobe so, they designed the vibrant pieces that they dreamed of having in their closet. 

The Vision

The brand’s vision is an ebullient, glamorous lifestyle designed for sophisticated women who enjoy life at its finest in whichever way possible.
Each collection identifies itself through unique designs and statement items that can be collected over time.
SKRT is not only a brand, but also an experience.
The brand strives to provide the best quality when sourcing fabrics while combining unique prints and colours.  



To the bold, the confident, the wild ones, the daring women - SKRT is an ode to you. Without you, we would be half the brand we are. You encourage us to go further, be more creative. To challenge the status quo, to never hide in the shadow of the ordinary or the expected. From those who make our products to those who wear them, and everyone in between.




Over 5,000+

We have the best customers, across 90+ countries & growing everyday, you help us spread confidence and empower women through our clothes all over the world.

Join our club and dare to wear #SKRT